Sales & Marketing
Market Research Analyst
2+ Years of Experience

Job Description
The Ideal candidate will be responsible for collecting data through market surveys, consumer research and competitor research. They evaluate this data and make necessary changes for better results for the success of new business, expansion of an existing business or launching of a new product. Your role will be to assist in brand building, sales and product promotion. This entails market research, data management, writing white paper and posting of blogs and in forums. The Market Research Analyst applies qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret the data and produce substantiated recommendations.

Job Location
Cedar Rapids

Pay Rate

Skills Required

  • Any Post Graduate - MBA in Finance/Business/ Marketing & Economics.
  • Thorough knowledge of the markets: local, domestic and international.
  • Complete awareness of competing products in the market.
  • Local, state and federal laws concerning a product or service.
  • Excellent skill in preparing charts and diagrams.
  • Solid command over studying complex data and analyzing them.
  • Good deduction capability.
  • Should have an eye for detail.
  • Excellent Analytical Skills and Quantitative Skills
  • Must have pleasing personality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication Skills
  • Have good presentation skills
  • Excellent in Internet and computer skills


  • Prepare questionnaires for marketing research.
  • Take samples for survey.
  • Conduct direct or indirect method of data collection.
  • Deploy a team of data collectors or surveyors to collect data on phone, via the Internet or with the help of face-to-face interview.
  • Instruct the team about various nuances of data collection.
  • Marketing analysts may use data collected by marketing research analysts.
  • Organize the collected data and study them.
  • Understand the data collected and prepare reports.
  • Give presentations of reports prepared and clarify doubts of senior managers of the organization.
  • Suggest ways of improving the marketing strategies of the organization.

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