Hire dedicated PHP MySQL offshore developers on monthly or long-term basis

Get the Best Offshore Developers to work exclusively on your projects. Project coordination is handled by
native English speakers located in the US.


  • Onsite offices in US facilitate all offshore communications for hassle free project management.
  • Superior 24/7 high availability offshore infrastructure connects you with the developers using high-speed data lines.
  • Direct access to developers through email, Skype, VOIP Phones & GoToMeeting.
  • Audio/Video Conferencing facilities for larger teams.
  • Best offshore talent with money back guarantee in case of any performance issues.
  • Most competitive offshore development rates.

Why Hire?

  • Developers with 5 - 7 years of experience and proven track record.
  • No project management issues.
  • No hiring cost.
  • 24/7 availability of Developers.
  • Extremely reliable offshore infrastructure.
  • No startup costs or overhead expenses.
  • Sophisticated time tracking mechanisms in place to ensure maximum productivity.

How a Developer works?

  • Specify the time zone you want the developer to work in.
  • Communicate through Email, Skype or Phone. Ask for coordinators if you do not want to deal with the developers directly.
  • Provide source code access for the developer to start working on your project.
  • Developers fill out daily timesheets to provide you with accurate time reporting on every task assigned by you.
  • Call our onsite offices with any issues and we will resolve it with highest priority.