We develop robust, secure and scalable cloud based products with JSON Platform

What is JSON Platform?

JSON Platform provides the API framework for developing secure and scalable cloud based applications. We use JSON Platform to create distributed APIs and use the connectors to integrate web and mobile applications with these APIs quickly and easily. Scalability, robustness and performance are inherent features of this powerful framework.


Why We Use It?

JSON Platform is a light weight data exchange platform that makes API development a breeze. It’s powerful reporting features enables the applications to quickly integrate high end graphical reports anywhere within the application. Products built with JSON Platform have a distributed architecture making them suitable for cloud deployment.

Who Supports It?

JSON Platform is a product of our sister organization Intelekit Corporation. Products developed using this platform are distributed with JSON Platform libraries that are available for free. Intelekit Corporation provides ongoing maintenance and support for this platform. New features and updates are made available with the ongoing releases.