Vendor Faqs

What is offshore vendor certification?
Offshore vendor certification is a compliance program designed for companies that provide offshore software development services. The purpose of the program is to ensure that certified development organizations adhere to the compliance standards. The compliance standards have been created to match the service level expectations of clients who invest in software development projects worldwide.
Why should I get certified?
Getting certified has several benefits. As a certified vendor you will get a certification seal that will be placed on your website to show that your organization conforms to higher standards of service. It opens doors for more projects at better rates because the clients want to ensure that their projects are in good hands. As a certified vendor you are automatically backed up by us to show that your credentials and quality standards have been verified by us. Comnez regularly outsources its projects to vendors who are certified so becoming certified will ensure that your organization is included in all our requests for proposals. Certified vendors get free access to valuable tools such as Quick FPA, developer training materials etc. These tools assist in improving the overall development standards of your organization. We will also list you in our online vendor directory to create more visibility for your organization.
Are there any restrictions after becoming certified?
Offshore vendor certification is non-binding and has no restriction on how you conduct your business. The program was created to help offshore development companies to improve their service offerings and get more business with a better cost structure. The only requirement for getting access to our free tools and training material is that the certification seal must appear in a visible area on all the pages of your website. This ensures that the clients who work with you through us or directly can access the compliance standards and report any issues with certified vendors who are not fully compliant according to the set standards.
Does it cost anything to become a certified vendor?
No, it does not cost anything. Enrolling in offshore vendor certification program is absolutely free. This program was created to help the offshore companies improve their service standards and increase their chances of winning more business. In case you lose your certification due to reports of non-compliance then you might be subject to reinstatement fees to get certified again.
Does certification ensure certain volume of work through Comnez?
Certification only ensures that your organization will be included in all our requests for proposals. We do not guarantee that your proposal will be selected for every project that you bid on. We also do not guarantee certain volume of proposal requests within a certain timeframe.
Can I use the certification to bid on projects independently?
Yes you can use the certification to find and bid on projects independently. You can use the certification seal in any of your sales and marketing materials to show that your organization conforms to higher standards of service and uses a well-defined process to ensure successful delivery of projects.
Can I have my own process guidelines for my organization or do I need to stick to the certification guidelines only?
The purpose of becoming certified is to achieve client satisfaction through well-defined processes. If your organization has self-defined processes that can achieve similar or better results with respect to client satisfaction then the clients will have no reason to report any non-compliance issues. You can continue to use our certification seal and have your own improved processes simultaneously.