Who We Are

We started our operation in the spring of 2007 as a company that provided low cost programming services using the famous offshore outsourcing model.

Our Initial Focus

When we started our main focus area was open source technologies. Our initial clientele comprised of a few advertising agencies, manufacturers and insurance companies. We kept the development costs low by utilizing free open source technologies and by using our offshore development staff located in India. This was a great business model and we quickly started getting more and more open source projects under our belt.
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Evolution of Products

As time progressed, we decided to start product development. Over the years we have built several innovative products such as Website Factory, Minutes of Meeting, XNotify, Live Chat Software, Bugtracker, Timesheet Management etc.

Pushing Our Technology Limits

We also embraced several other technologies and expanded our service offering in various other areas such as Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android and Sencha Touch. We soon found ourselves covering the entire spectrum and offered our services under two different business models as time and materials and fixed cost projects respectively.

Onsite/Offshore Model

Having operations in United States and India we offered the perfect outsourcing model to our North American customers. While we had a great setup and very competitive pricing, over the years we have faced a fierce competition from offshore providers around the globe. In recent years, our challenges with justifying our pricing increased multifold due to the explosion in the offshore vendor marketplace. We saw that our prospects and customers were extremely confused as more and more vendors emerged with cost options that were way lower than what they had been paying.

We knew it was time for us to re-evaluate our offerings and provide better reasons for people to hire us. Based on years of our experience executing software projects we identified software project estimation to be one of the areas that needed a serious overhaul throughout the industry.

Low Bids

We noticed that most companies providing lower bids were providing inaccurate estimates with very little breakdown of the effort. While clients with a sound technical background were still able to evaluate the estimates and pick the right vendors, majority of the customer base that was non-technical had no idea about who to pick and were constantly getting fooled by the lure of lower costs and ended up with failed projects.

Intelekit and QuickFPA

In the year 2014 we funded our sister organization Intelekit Corporation to perform intensive research and build a state of the art software estimation tool to help elevate our service offerings to a level that would ensure a greater success and peace of mind to our clients. We believe in accurate project estimation and fair pricing structure. Since the beginning of our operation we have aimed at keeping the project costs low through re-use of available technology and utilization of cost effective outsourcing model. We believe that accurate project estimation removes the doubts and justifies the actual cost of the project. Our goal is to deliver good cost effective software, which is possible through detailed estimation. We want the stakeholders to have the complete project breakdown so they can make an informed decision.

We have seen a dramatic increase in sales and customer satisfaction since the implementation of Quick FPA within our organization.

We Are Progressive

Over the years we have learned from our mistakes and have observed and analyzed the changes in the marketplace very carefully. We have retained the good aspects of outsourcing and have been a part of continuous improvement through learning and innovation. We are a very progressive company that believes in providing highest quality services using the most cost effective model.

Our Current Business Model

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. We are a firm believer in adapting to changes in the market conditions and be a part of an evolving business model geared towards the success of our clients. Our current business model revolves around improved software engineering processes that ensure satisfactory delivery of projects on time and within budget.

Software estimation has become our core focus since the launch of Quick FPA. While we still support the time and materials model for outsourcing, we are using our estimation methodology to drive success in everything we do. Fixed cost projects is our number one choice and we recommend that to anybody who is looking to outsource software development work. We want to establish the upfront cost and scope of a project to create the most fair and transparent engagement model with our clients.