Certified Vendor Seal

The presence of a cerified offshore development vendor seal on a company’s website denotes that the vendor has been verified for meeting the compliance standards created for offshore vendors that provide certain software development services through Comnez. These vendors are free to use the compliance guidelines for projects that aren’t a part of engagement through Comnez.

Protection of Client's Investment

Offshore vendor compliance standards were created to ensure that the work is performed in a professional manner with full accountability from our vendors.

We protect our client’s investment by making sure that the scope of the work is always completed to our client’s satisfaction and the best software engineering practices are followed throughout the enagagement period of the project.

Vendor payments are made only when there is full compliance with our vendor guidelines and the work is approved by our clients. Comnez takes full responsibility of it’s clients' investments and guarantees the completion of work within the preapproved budget.

Quality Assurance

Comnez imposes strict quality guidelines through its vendor compliance program. All vendors are required to maintain the quality testing documentation to demonstrate that highest quality measures were taken during the project execution and all aspects were tested to ensure a quality deliverable.

Our vendor compliance guidelines are designed to ensure that proper coding guidelines are followed and ample documentation is provided to make the code readable and understandable.