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Our Work

We have launched several products that are doing great!

Time to Market does matter

Competition is fierce, budgets are limited, it’s not the idea, it’s the implementation

We use JSON Platform to launch flawless products in the shortest possible timeframe. This lightweight data exchange platform separates the data layer from the business logic and helps our developers build better and build faster.


Applications developed with JSON Platform utilize the power of cloud computing to it’s fullest potential. Your system can scale from a few hundred users to millions of users overnight without compromising the performance.

JSON Platform runs inside an AWS cluster and is fully integrated with Amazon S3, SNS, Route53, Machine Learning and many other services that allows your application to utilize world’s smartest and most advanced technologies.

JSON Platform dashboard provides deep performance insights at the API level helping us maintain the performance benchmarks at all times.

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Poppy Perfect

Poppy Perfect

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