Custom Shipping For Ecommerce Portal

Created a custom shipping module for an eCommerce portal to incorporate various business rules associated with order shipment. Address validation system using the USPS API was also implemented as a part of this module.

Project Summary

In this Magento project our main role was to implement a custom shipping module for an existing eCommerce portal. Various business rules were triggers based on the items in the cart and shipping was calculated differently for different types of purchases. The shipping varied and a number of parameters were considered to calculate the custom rates. Address validation system using the USPS APIs was also implemented as a part of this module.

The system saved shipping addresses for future use. The complexity of the system was due to the large catalog of products in the inventory and multiple categories that affected these shipping rates. We implemented a rule engine to make the module configurable so the new or changed shipping rules can easily be integrated without going through a code change. Working with a legacy system always poses several challenges and this system came with its own set of challenges. We were successfully able to complete the implementation and deploy the changes in production for a smooth transition.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, Magento, XML, JSON, Web Services



Use Case Summary

The high level use cases for this website are listed below.

  1. Address Validation
  2. Shipping Rule Engine
  3. Configure Shipping Rules
  4. Calculate Shipping

  1. Module Implementation
  2. Module Configuration
  3. Shopping Cart Customization
  4. Checkout Integration


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