Online Seat Cover Designer

An eCommerce website that allows its users to design and order custom seat covers online. A fully featured Java Script design editor was programmed to allow the users to design seat covers online and get the ultimate user experience.

Project Summary

This Magento website was created to help the users design and order custom seat covers online. We developed a custom design editor in Java Script to enable the users to design the seat covers of their choice and order online. Being different from the out of the box functionality of the standard Magento system, we had to customize several areas to achieve the required business functionality. Apart from the editor we also implemented a customized ordering system to ensure that the manufacturer would receive proper specifications in the design document generated by the seat cover designer software.

Besides these customizations we implemented multiple responsive Magento templates and a few custom modules for some additional functional areas. The system was also integrated with the manufacturers’ internal inventory control system using XML based APIs. Both and PayPal integrations were performed to enable online payments for the orders.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, Magento, XML, JSON, Web Services



Use Case Summary

The high level use cases for this website are listed below.

  1. Template Implementation
  2. Template Installation
  3. Content Setup
  4. Seat Cover Designer

  1. Module Customization
  2. Integration
  3. PayPal Integration
  4. Third Party Inventory API

  1. Social Media Integration
  2. Responsive UI Development


Case Studies