Cost Structure

We believe in fair pricing. Different project activities are billed at different rates depending on the skill level required to perform the tasks.

Our effort estimates are divided into three components which are Set up, Implementation and Testing. Apart from that, the other project activities include UI/UX Design and Project Management.

Set Up

Project setup includes various activities such as installations, deployments, version control, build scripts, developer ramp up, knowledge transfer etc. The setup cost varies depending on the type of the project, availability of resources, skill levels and technology infrastructure. It is not uncommon for us to waive off the setup cost in many cases.


Implementation effort refers to the development effort or the programming effort. The cost of implementation mainly depends on the choice of technology platform. Some programming skills are rarer than the others and thus the hourly rate of the developers varies based on the market conditions.


Testing or QA effort is defined as the time it takes to write and execute the test cases to test the various areas of the software such as functionality, validations, user experience etc. The cost for testing does not vary too much unless third party hardware or software makes testing harder and testers with different level of skills are required.

UI/UX Design

In most cases the UI/UX design cost is a part of the implementation cost. We however highlight the cost and effort of this phase as a separate activity because the UI/UX design phase of a project is extremely important and has a huge impact on the quality of the final product. This phase is executed separately by a team of UI/UX experts and implementation of screen designs usually follows the approval of designs by our clients.

Project Management

Project management refers to maintaining an updated project plan with timelines at all times. Sending periodic status reports and coordinating with our clients to ensure that the project assets are always up to date is also an important aspect of managing a project. Some of the other activities include internal and external meetings, maintaining the productivity of resources, task allocation etc. Project management effort is usually about 20% of the total project effort but can vary depending on the type of the project.

The above structure is applicable to most of the projects that involve application development. Certain specialized projects may require further breakdown of the activities and can incur additional costs. Purchase of digital assets required for the project, such as images, software packages, domains etc. are billed separately.