System Testing

It is unrealistic to expect defect free code from the developers. Good software can only be produced by having a good QA process in place.

What is defect ratio?

Defect ratio is an important measure of the quality. We use this number to control the quality of code produced by our developers. All our developers are expected to produce an output with a defect ratio below 4%. We conduct regular inspections to ensure that we are meeting the quality expectations across all our development teams.

                                 Number of Failed Test Cases
Defect Ratio = ------------------------------------- X 100
                                 Total Number of Test Cases

The key to producing quality software is to identify as many test cases as possible. It is also very important to setup a decent size of test dataset to be able to test most of the scenarios. Writing test cases and creating the test dataset is a very important activity during the project. These tasks are executed together by the quality and the development teams.

Estimated Test Cases

To ensure the highest quality of software production we include the estimated number of test cases for every use case in our original estimates. Our estimation tool Quick FPA provides extremely accurate configuration parameters to define the expected number of test cases for every implementation at the organization level. The testing effort for the project is calculated using these configurations. These estimates serve as guidelines to our QA teams and they ensure that the number of test cases match the original estimates. Our estimates also identify all the field validations and respective error messages. Every field validation is accompanied by the estimated number of validation test cases to ensure that all the validation tests are performed accurately by our QA team.

Managing Quality

Software quality management is a challenging task. Elaborate documentation must be produced throughout the project and the software must go through several iterations of quality assurance tests. We maintain a thorough test plan, well documented test cases, a proper test dataset and a requirements traceability matrix at all times to ensure the production of high quality software. We believe in educating our clients so they can understand the entire process of development and testing.