Non Profit Volunteer Network

A large website for a non-profit organization that enables volunteers and non-profit organizations around the world to connect at various levels and exchange opportunities. A role based system with different types of access for different types of users.

Project Summary

This website project was mainly a migration from an older system to a newer designed system with several enhancements. All migration projects are challenging and so was this one. The system was a homegrown content management system that had many different functional elements as a part of its administration control panel. When we took over the project there was already a large production dataset in place and the website continued to be in use as we continued the parallel development of a newer system. Due to the complexities of the legacy system architecture the newer system was developed using a custom framework that was designed to match the legacy framework for easier migration.

The website currently manages a large global network of non-profit organizations and volunteers and provides them with tools to connect with each other and exchange various opportunities. It has a very high traffic volume and has been performing extremely well under those conditions. The website also processes large amount of financial transactions in the form of donations and the tools and reports that were developed as a part of this project assist our client maintain adequate accounting as required.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, Web Services, Custom PHP Framework



Use Case Summary

The various website features can be summarized as shown below.

  1. Search Volunteer Opportunities
  2. Search for Volunteers
  3. Various Search Filters
  4. Search Results – Grid View

  1. Search Results – Map View
  2. Donate – Paypal Integration
  3. Online Education Classrooms
  4. Enrollment Application

  1. Custom Blog
  2. Content Pages

The system provides different levels of administrative access to different organizations. The partner control panel comprised of the following features.

  1. Create Opportunities
  2. Manage Volunteer Relationships
  3. Publish Blogs
  4. Volunteer Connections

The super administrative control panel’s main features are listed below.

  1. Manage Partners
  2. Manage Volunteers
  3. Manage Relationships

  1. Reports
  2. Blog Management
  3. Content Management


Case Studies