Product Inventory

A system designed to integrate with the product inventory of various manufacturers and maintain its own inventory levels within the system. This automates inventory tracking and ordering of the products based on inventory levels.

Project Summary

We developed a web based product inventory for one of our clients to help populate the inventory data using various manufacturer APIs and maintain the inventory levels within the system. The system was designed to be configurable so depending on the different inventory levels, different actions could automatically be initiated. Online ordering of products to maintain the inventory was one of the triggers based on the product quantities. This system was developed using the CodeIgniter framework and the entire UI design of the system was created by us as a part of the implementation.

The main challenges of this system was to develop an architecture that enabled plugging in of various Manufacturer APIs that were very different from each other in terms of data structure and the web service protocol. We also developed JSON based web service APIs that could be used for integrating the client’s product inventory with other sales and marketing application within their organization. A complete dashboard with various graphical reports was also developed as a part of this application using Highcharts.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, Web Services, CodeIgniter, Highcharts



Use Case Summary

The main use cases for the product inventory are summarized below.

  1. Add Product Categories
  2. Edit Product Categories
  3. Remove Product Categories
  4. List Product Categories

  1. Add Products
  2. Edit Products
  3. Remove Products
  4. List Products

  1. Manage Inventory Settings
  2. Create Order
  3. Send Order
  4. View Order History

  1. Reporting
  2. XML/JSON API Integration


Case Studies