Vendor Compliance Reference Manual and Guidelines

Last Updated On: August, 7, 2016

This manual is provided as an overview of the requirements related to being a compliant offshore development vendor for Comnez Inc. The manual consists of a code of conduct, requirements, accounts payable, and to address specific information and reference material. Each section will explain the Comnez organization’s basic requirements accordingly. The sections also address the various business functions, elements and components for the Comnez Vendor Compliance program.

The following pages identify the expectations and the requirements Comnez has for its Vendors as well as the definitions and improvement objectives.

We encourage you to make several copies of this document and distribute them to the appropriate individuals within your organization. Please visit our website for updates to this manual.

Special Notes
If you have specific question on any section, please contact us by writing to This manual focuses on compliance requirements for Vendors.