Acceptable Business Practices

Comnez values our relationship with our vendors, and we would like to be clear on practices that could violate our code of ethics and seriously damage that business relationship.

Comnez Gift Policy

Comnez associates may not accept anything of value, directly or indirectly, from anyone currently doing business with or seeking to do business with Comnez, other than non-cash gifts of nominal value generally used for promotional purposes. For purposes of this gifts policy “nominal value” means not more than $50 in value at cost. Gifts received of greater than nominal value will be returned immediately to the donor or donated to a charity.

Comnez associates may not accept gifts of cash or cash equivalent such as gift cards for any reason.

Bribes and Kickbacks

Any offers or exchange of; direct or indirect payments, or kickbacks in exchange for Comnez business is a violation of our policy and prohibited. The violation of this policy may also be a criminal act and result in criminal prosecution.

Fair Competition

Comnez bases its business success on excellent customer service, value for the customer, quality, good faith and fair dealing. It is never Comnez’s intent to receive an advantage over our competitors in any unethical manner or in ways that would violate international, federal, state or local laws.

Reporting Fraud or Unethical Business Practices

Please report any suspected fraud or unethical business practices, including questionable accounting or improper use of confidential information or property to the Comnez (1-319-892-0211). These concerns may be reported anonymously, will be treated confidentially and will be reviewed by Comnez Management.
These policies help ensure relationships of integrity, honesty and fairness with all of our vendors and business partners.