Defect Ratio

The defect ratio metrics cannot just help to measure the quality of the project but also acts as a productivity parameter.

    1. The VENDOR must set metric questionnaire and compare it to productivity standards to develop the test report. These questions must include –
        1. What is the number of defects present in the module?
        2. What are the number of test cases designed, yet to be designed, executed, yet to be executed as per project?
        3. What is the number of test cases that has been executed per person?
        4. What is the test execution status in terms of number of test cases failed and passed?
        5. What is the test coverage percentage?
  1. The VENDOR must use the metrics in the test report to measure the rate of completion of project, contribution of individual programmer in project completion, defects density, rate of removal of defects and compare it against industry defined standards ( such as The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG), Gartner etc.) to measure productivity.
  2. The VENDOR must use the findings to plan productivity improvement program/training and ensure that the next project shows improved productivity.