System Testing

The system development culture should promote a test driven development so that there is greater ownership and collaboration in the team.

  1. VENDOR’s The QA team must have both client and developer focus so that not only specific client expectations are conveyed to development team, but also design decisions if incorrect are checked at the beginning, before someone starts coding them.
  2. The VENDOR must prioritize testing based on release decision – the code which affects the product being released should be tested first.
  3. The VENDOR must always test the code in production environment, to create customers environment.
  4. The VENDOR must ensure that its development and testing team answers the customer feedback as a first priority in bug fixing strategy.
  5. The VENDOR must carry exploratory testing so that it promotes a culture of providing timely feedback to developers.
  6. The VENDOR’s testing and development team must work hand in hand for widening the overall perspective.