UI Testing

  • The VENDOR must ensure that the user interface testing is complete and pixel perfect with respect to design standards of international clients.
  • The VENDOR must include the following in their checklist for UI testing for all their design projects –
    1. Check the hyperlink color standard as per the website color combination.
    2. Ensure the background color is noise free and and pops displayed are in proper contrast.
    3. Ensure content (fonts, cases, labels, messages) is properly aligned.
    4. Multi device check of graphics in terms of alignment and viewability, Zoom views, image size compatibility should be tested.
    5. Test that all navigational elements (scroll bar, links, menu items should be working and viewable across all device types.
    6. Test for website usability -ease of use, functionality of buttons and tabs, ease of locating the content, responsiveness, compatible across devices & resolutions, fits in totality across variable screen sizes.
  • The VENDOR should keep in mind that he needs to design the website keeping specific user goals and tasks.
  • The VENDOR must test the product completely with real users to ensure correctness of design decision from standpoint of user’s goals.
  • The VENDOR must ensure the design is consistent in allowing the user complete his/her task.