Phone Guidelines

Phone calls forms another important communication medium between a VENDOR and a CLIENT. The VENDOR must aim to achieve the greatest ¬†benefit out of every calling technology employed – normal phone call(voice conferencing), web conferencing and/or videoconferencing. Following are a comprehensive list of mandatory guidelines to be followed by the VENDOR –

  1. The VENDOR must use collaborative products for a standardized call with the CLIENT.
  2. The VENDOR can use one of the variously available audio/video Conferencing Bridge which offers specialized features to make the conference call more productive.
  3. The technical equipment used for calling purpose by the VENDOR must be of good quality and have standard technical capabilities such as – automatic recording of calls, muting or un-muting participants, scheduling calls, randomly dialling other participants during the call, etc.
  4. The VENDOR must always send an email to the CLIENT to schedule a call in advance seeking approval. The mail should mention the date, day and time for call, along with brief discussion topics.
  5. The VENDOR must answer the CLIENT call immediately – ideally within three rings.
  6. The VENDOR must always introduce him/herself to the CLIENT with a friendly greeting before beginning any conversation.
  7. The VENDOR must plan the call discussion beforehand so that the messages delivered are clear and specific instead of just beating around the bush.
  8. The VENDOR must never sound aggressive, argumentative, pushy or anxious in tone in the CLIENT calls.
  9. The VENDOR must never interrupt the CLIENT in between his conversation.
  10. The VENDOR must never use broken phrase, slangs or idioms in the CLIENT call
  11. The tone of voice should be even, low, clear and slow for understanding.
  12. The VENDOR must never put the CLIENT call on hold or waiting. However, if the VENDOR must leave the call, always seek permission and return the call immediately after dealing with the issue.
  13. Never should the VENDOR give an impression to the CLIENT that he/she is in a hurry.
  14. The VENDOR must always record the call with the CLIENT to refer back and prevent being repetitive over the issues that have already been discussed and clarified in earlier calls.
  15. The VENDOR must ensure that the calling environment is noisefree.
  16. For web conferencing, the internet speed should be good enough to prevent any interruptions.
  17. The VENDOR must always use good quality standard equipments for a high quality call.