Architecture Diagrams

Architecture diagrams helps the programer to communicate with the CLIENT. Following are the guidelines which the VENDOR must ensure that all its developers follow for meeting acceptable international standards-

  1. The VENDOR must ensure that every programmer makes the architectural diagram readable, cleaner and  consistent.Th
  2. The developer should ensure readability by not presenting too many elements/objects of information which would otherwise make the diagram appear messy and complicated to comprehend.
  3. The developer must shorten the diagram to printable size for being reader friendly (A maximum of A3 size printable document).
  4. The developer must annotate the key elements of the diagram (again not more that ten points as a rule of thumb).
  5. The developer must arrange the object in grid pattern and do not cross lines in the diagram to prevent design flaw.
  6. The developer must use straight lines (horizontal and vertical) for connectors; Align objects vertically and horizontally.
  7. The developer must ensure that the hierarchy of the design elements is from big to small and not vice versa (generalization arrows must point upwards)
  8. Instead of depending on colors for demonstrating an information, a developer should use  hierarchy/position of objects to convey meaning.