Design Prototypes

  1. The VENDOR must validate the design he create from the CLIENT through a prototype of the design.
  2. Prototyping is specially mandatory for system which are being designed to work in mobile,owing to the multi -environment operations, which makes it mandatory for the VENDOR to design and test the prototype for multiple user scenarios and use cases.
  3. The VENDOR must treat the feedback from prototype testing as a reference point to improve design to match international standards
  4. The VENDOR can employ any of the available rapid prototyping tools to create a prototype and share mock-ups with CLIENTS for review and feedback on the design.
  5. The VENDOR must be clear about the exact timing of testing the prototype in the product development lifecycle.
  6. The VENDOR’s development team must incorporate the following testing strategies –
    1. peer reviews,
    2. check the prototype on real device and
    3. validate usability with real users.
  7. The VENDOR must use the findings from the usability tests, he conducts, with the prototype to design insights and incorporate the findings into iterations as soon as possible.