Non-Disclosure Agreements

  1. The VENDOR should provide a  proper legal contract or a non disclosure agreement to the client who have disclosed critical business information to the vendors.
  2. The VENDOR must sign non disclosure agreements to safeguard the information by a legally bound contract.
  3. The VENDOR must demonstrate that they value confidentiality to great extent and display the same in their engagements with a CLIENT.
  4. By signing a Nondisclosure agreement the VENDOR communicates that it is well aware of its legal boundaries to which it is tied.
  5. The VENDOR communicates that he truly understands the ramifications of disclosing any confidential information/technology to third parties/competitors, and are well aware of the legal action/penalty that can be invoked in this regard
  6. Additionally, the VENDOR must provide extra clauses in the non disclosure agreements such as non compete and non solicitation clauses which are restrictive clauses and would prevent the vendor from being professionally engaged with another competitor while working with a specific client.