Coding Guidelines

  1. The VENDOR should clearly state the coding guidelines, the technology which will be used/reused, focusing on the type, version and level of complexity and related support before the CLIENT.
  2. The VENDOR must ensure that he will implement the project using the technology and architecture benchmarks which are at par as the client’s organization.
  3. If the CLIENT directs following its own specific coding guidelines, the VENDOR must follow the client’s prescribed guidelines to write the code without any changes.
  4. If there is no clear direction by the CLIENT on any specific coding guidelines to be used by the programmers, the VENDOR must use the pre-designed coding guidelines of COMNEZ and stick to it without deviations.
  5. The VENDOR must get an approval from the CLIENT on the coding guidelines to be followed.
  6. The VENDOR must ensure a high code quality by following defined coding standards.
  7. The development team should adhere to common visual style, naming conventions, and homogenous technical settings to write codes that are easily readable and maintainable.
  8. Along with coding guidelines, the VENDOR must strictly follow the visual guidelines so that coding is consistent, clean, and is able to pinpoint any security/optimization problem.
  9. The VENDOR must ensure that the skill level of the programmers working over a project is high enough to be able to develop not just a technically sound code but a well researched solution to a problem at hand.
  10. Following is the link of  general consideration for COMNEZ coding guidelines –