Agreement contract

the following points in the project scope:

  1. The VENDOR must necessarily elaborate a detailed project scope.
  2. The VENDOR must outline the project background with the history of products/applications that were related to the current project that will get affected in some form.
  3. The VENDOR must outline the technology which were employed to build the past related applications/products
  4. The VENDOR must state the current technology/platform; software development methodology (agile/waterfall) that would be used for development.
  5. The VENDOR must state the specific requirements(even the smallest one), input, output, field validation, User interface, integration, standards to be used, architecture design, expected end-user behavior as per CLIENT specifications.
  6. The plan laid by the VENDOR should clearly state what the CLIENT can expect from the VENDOR in terms of project implementation in relation to delivery schedule, project cost and deliverable quality.
  7. The VENDOR must list all possible assumptions and issues related to coding, people, cost, schedule, quality in the project plan to avoid set and manage client expectation in the future.
  8. In case of a scope creep/change in requirement, the VENDOR must lay down details in the contract as to what is treated as a change, the process to be followed to include and approve the change followed by related effect on cost/time estimates both for VENDOR and CLIENT.
  9. A detailed listing of unit testing, integration testing, data testing , security and performance testing along with the success criteria of testing cycles must be clearly mentioned the contractual agreement. In case of failure of the tests, the contract must list the penalties that the VENDOR would be subjected to, in event of failure to meet compliance of any delivery requirements.