Status Reports

  1. The VENDOR must share the status report of the project at predefined regular intervals.
  2. The VENDOR must be open to receive feedbacks from WIP (work in progress) and should incorporate changes as per CLIENT directives.
  3. In case of a delay in planned schedule, the VENDOR must inform the CLIENT 24 business hours in advance about the delay stating the cause of delay along with planned course of action to meet revised deadlines.
  4. The VENDOR must ensure that a project tracker is in place where both the vendor teams and the client can access at all times to foster transparency in the client vendor partnership.
  5. The VENDOR must share an interactive shared live document such as Google doc, smartsheet should be there which displays project status with respect to what has been completed, is currently going and in the upcoming list of critical/high priority activities.
  6. The VENDOR must ensure that the shared document has provision for posting comments, notes, queries/questions, scheduled delivery timings for every listed project activity to enable the CLIENT to keep track of project pace and compare actual with estimated rate for productivity measurements/estimation error analysis.